Eostre – the Light of Repair and Rebirth

Over the years, the company has decided to use the Eostre brand to obtain our beauty, fashion and accessories products. By using quality materials, making Eostre products as a brand of beauty products, fashion and accessories that must be used in daily activities. Since I was a small company to become a company that can produce products smartly, EOSTRE has supported to help others achieve their dreams, be physically active, have mental and spiritual wealth and achieve an independent life.

The Origin of Eostre

Eostre, the Goddess of Spring and Dawn, is the ruler of gestation in Greek mythology, a symbol of beauty and luxuriance. Bringing twilight to the world, flowers bloom and grass grows wherever She goes, representing rebirth. The joy of birth She brings drives darkness and danger away, returning prosperity to the world.
We choose Eostre as our name because Her symbol of rebirth and light is exactly the healthy corporate image we would like to build up.